Altius IM

At Altius Group we understand that each individual business requires a tailor made approach to the process of selling.

We produce the highest quality sales particulars and offer a range of products which highlight the business opportunity to potential purchasers. These products are presented in different formats to best suit the needs of our clients. The options offered include Bronze, Silver or Gold IM packages.


The Altius Corporate IM is an extensive report offering a a detailed description of the business and a financial summary, offering the most suitable buyers for your business all the detail they require to make an informed decision.

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The silver IM offers an executive summary of your Business. Tailored to provide the right amount of information for any prospective buyer to make an influenced decision.

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Bronze IM. The bronze IM is a 6 page glossy brochure specifically created to present your business to a wide audience of interested buyers.

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